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Our Services

Pre-Purchase Inspections
Know if you are buying the right property for you and your family.  No more guesswork with this inspection.

Handover Inspections
Get the builder to fix issues before handover

Retrospective Approvals
For homeowners who need council approvals for renovations, additions, or extensions built without permit or approval.
Vendor Inspections
For home owners who are planning to sell their homes.

Builder Warranty Inspections
Get the builder to fix structural issues before your building warranty expires (6 years from completion of construction)
Structural Assessment
Let us assess your home's structural safety and integrity

Owner Builder Warranty
For an owner builder who needs a defects report for his home indemnity insurance
Timber Pest Inspection
For homeowners who need to have his home checked for timber pest infestation

Design Services

For anyone planning to build a new house, do some alterations or get a building Code compliance report for residential or commercial development.